Cольный концерт Максима Галкина

Cольный концерт Максима Галкина

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About the show

Tickets for Maksim Galkin's solo concerts in Switzerland are already on sale! The popular impersonator, showman, comedian, TV host, and humorist Maksim Galkin will come with his already iconic parodies, comedic sketches, and musical performances.

Galkin became famous thanks to his parodies of well-known personalities. And more often than not, he excels at them. Maksim fearlessly portrays actors, politicians, and even his colleagues in the trade. However, in school and university, the future star was often called "Pushkin," not because of poetry: Galkin was simply a big fan of literature, read books avidly, and had a noticeable curly mane of hair. You might also remember Maksim from the entertainment show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" on TV, which Galkin hosted since 2001.



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