Maksim Galkin

Maksim Galkin

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Stauffacherstrasse 60, 8004 Zürich, Switzerland
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About the show

Maksim Galkin is a unique artist. Incredible concentration of talent, energizing humor, amazing flexibility in covering any acute and hot topics, a master of impromptu. For more than two hours, he keeps the audience at the maximum level of delight. It seems impossible that people in our fast-paced time can “fall out” of their own lives for so long - phones, calls, and texting - and plunge into the world of humor, parodies, and a frank sparkling mono-performance of the real Artist. The new program of Maksim Galkin is a virtuoso balance of different ways to make the public smile; juggling genres: parodies of pop stars, new jokes, fresh anecdotes, live songs in the image of various contemporary artists, ironic monologues of Galkin himself, sharp and bold thoughts, as they say, " on the verge of permitted", about world politics and everything that worries each of us. Come to the concerts of Maksim Galkin and experience a loose and ironic stream of bright thoughts from a truly witty person.



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